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Badges & Awards
Duckling Awards 1-4

Duckling awards are designed to help younger swimmers enjoy learning to swim. With Duckling Awards your child can work towards four different colourful Awards. Each Award has its own certificate and badge.

Duckling 1 will you children start to move by themselves in the water. By duckling 4 they will be jumping in, going underwater, floating and swimming five metres without support.

Duckling Awards are great for promoting increased independence and water confidence to help prepare for unaided swimming.

Water Skills 1-6

The Water Skills Awards support intensive activity programmes and rewards the children for successfully developing the 10 skills required for each grading level.

The six grades are represented by six colour coded certificates and accompanying badges. These Awards focus on confidence, versatility, skills and endurance.

Rainbow Distance Awards 5m -1500m

These Awards are a range of bright, cheerful badges and certificates to help keep children motivated whilst learning to swim. The Awards are aimed to demonstrate the children’s swimming ability to swim from A to B without pause and without stress. They are a great way to give swimmers the incentive do develop their swimming abilities, stoke technique and stamina by gradually increasing the distances they can swim.

Swimming Challenge Awards

These Awards are for swimmers at the later stages of learning to swim. The children will be challenged to develop a wide range of skills and stamina in order to achieve the Awards, with a focus on good stroke style. Stroke must be co-ordinated, smooth and efficient.

There are 4 certificates and accompanying badges, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Honours.

The Certificate, including the badge costs £3 each. This is an additional payment collected by the instructors on poolside.

Swimming badges are achieved in the following order. The children will start at the appropriate badge to their ability. The age of the child is irrelevant and badges are awarded based on ability. All requirements are applicable for Forest Pines and DW Gainsborough.

Duck 1 - 4 Swim aids can be used
Puffin 5 5m swim with aids, good body, leg & arm position with face in the water.
5m 1/3 length
WS 1 Swim aids can be used
10m 2/3 length
15m 1 length
20m 1 1/3 lengths
25m 1 1/2 lengths
WS 2  
50m 3 lengths
WS 3  
100m 6 lengths
WS 4  
200m     12 lengths
400m 24 lengths
Bronze Swimming Challenge
600m 36 lengths
WS 5  
800m 48 lengths
Silver Swimming Challenge
1000m   60 lengths
Gold Swimming Challenge
1500m 84 lengths
WS 6  
Honours Swimming Challenge
Mile Badge 94 length swim

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