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Baby & Toddler
Aquanauts baby and toddler classes are designed to build your child’s water confidence from a very early age. This experience will increase the bond between parent and child in a fun and relaxed environment. These classes are taught at our own Aquanauts Swimming pool where, unlike other leisure pool providers, we have complete control of the pools temperature to maintain a more pleasant bathing experience. These beginning classes will give your child familiarity to the water, prior to progressing to our children’s lessons, where a more structured tuition begins.

Aquanauts are committed to ensure that all children who participate in our swimming program succeed and achieve their potential. We deliver professional lessons and pride ourselves on the quality of our instructing. We teach in a welcoming and non-judgmental surroundings and are proud to boast small class sizes, with a maximum of 2 children per class. All children will find our lessons build water confidence, water skills, strength, stamina, as well as learning the life skill of swimming. Swimming is a skill that can be taught throughout your child’s life. It provides your child with lots of fun times whilst younger, then fitness and relaxation in later years. It is also a skill that should be encouraged and embraced. All Children work towards ASA swimming awards. These awards are progressive and enable your child to be rewarded for the different skills they achieve along the way. We believe that children should gain the award when they are ready, without the pressure of a specified ‘badge week’.

Aquanauts provide a very high standard of teaching from beginner to advanced swimmers to all those aged 16 years and over. We are able to help achieve your goals by increasing your confidence, learn a new stroke, train for a specific event or simply to train and keep fit. Have you ever had a bad experience in or around the water? If yes, then we are here to help you learn that important and pleasurable life skill. Remember, swimming is a fantastic way to keep fit, a fun time for all the family and a relaxing way to unwind on holiday. We are here to help you achieve you goals and realise your dreams. You can be confident that you are being trained by highly qualified instructors on a 1:1 or 2:1 basis. The instructor is in the pool with you during your lesson, as well as learning in a relaxed and welcoming environment. It has never been easier to learn and develop your swimming skills.

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