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Aquanauts Swimming lessons are paid monthly in advance of the swimmer’s weekly lessons. Payment will be collected on the 1st of each month by direct debit, with payment confirming the swimmers place. A 7-week holiday allowance is built into our monthly price and payments will not be amended, carried over or refunded for additional holidays taken or for sickness. Holidays and sickness must be made known to Aquanauts Swimming as soon as possible, to allow our instructors to plan lessons accordingly.

In the event your payment is not collected by direct debit, you will be required to make the payment, prior to the next swimming lesson. Should payment not be received, we reserve the right to terminate your place and offer this to someone else - as outlined in our terms & conditions.

Our monthly payment figure has been calculated in the following way:

£910.00   52 weekly lessons per year @ £17.50 per lesson
-£35.00   2 lessons holiday (swim school shut down over Christmas & New Year)
-£87.50   5 lessons holiday entitlement per year

  Total amount divided by 12 monthly payments = £65.62 payable per month

To enable us to commence the registration of your direct debit we will require your email address, which can be provided via our consent form. Your email address will then be forwarded to our direct debit originator: GoCardless, who will then contact you directly by email to:
  1. Confirm the payment amount of £65.62 will be taken each month
  2. Confirm the payment date of the 1st of each month
  3. Ask you to input your bank account details to set up the Direct Debit.
If you have more than one child swimming with Aquanauts Swimming, you will be sent additional emails from GoCardless to complete for each child.

Full details of GoCardless’s terms & conditions and privacy policy are held on their website:

Please note that the direct debit payment date is set to be collected on the 1st and cannot be amended.
When completing your direct debit details online, should this have not been completed before the 22nd of the month, your first payment may not be ready for collection on the 1st. Should this be the case, we will contact you to request payment by alternative means.

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